Museum of the Military Cadet Academy

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The museum of the Military Cadet Academy is located in the installations of the Academy, at the headquarters building.


The Military Cadet Academy is the oldest academic institution in the country, established in Nafplion the 1st July 1828, by Ioannis Kapodistrias, the first governor of Greece. In 1834 the Academy was transferred to Aegina, in 1837 to Piraeus, and fron 1854 to 1857 was temporary located at the Duchess of Plakentia Mansion (today's Byzantine Museum) in Athens. It returned to Piraeus in 1894 and then moved to Athens to a building block donated by the George Averof. Finally, in September 1982 it moved to its present position at Vari.
During its long history the Academy was present to all fights of the nation, and the cadets participated to all the wars Greece fought. This presence exceeds the usual form of a normal military school. Famous high level scientists, writers, the first civil engineers and physicians were students of the school, until the time their relevant faculties were established at civilian level. The first Navy officers, as well as the Air Force men of the Balkan wars were also graduates of the Academy.

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Museum of the Military Cadet Academy

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Access is permitted only to official visitors and high school students on educational tour, from Monday to Friday, from 09.00 - 13.00h.

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