Military Museum of Istimpei Fort

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The Military Museum of ISTIMBEI Fort opened in 1990. Since it is located in a defense area, visiting the museum is only possible after permission of the 6th Infantry Division (Kilkis 0341 76170), which will assign a suitable escort to guide the visitors. Access to the Museum is through a very narrow asphalt road from the village of N. Petritsi, which during winter and depending on the weather conditions, might be icy at certain parts, making it dangerous. For overnight accommodation there are hotels in Seres and Sidirokastro and one can eat in taverns found in N. Petritsi and the surrounding villages.The museum has parking space for cars and buses next to the guardhouse. There are toilets in the guardhouse as well as in its reception area. There are no facilities for disabled people


The ISTIMBEI Fort was part of the Fort complex of Macedonia manned with 10 officers and 300 soldiers. The available weapons were two 75 mm cannons, one 37 mm antitank cannon, one 20 mm anti-aircraft gun, two 81 mm mortars, 26 machine guns, 9 light machine guns and 17 grenade launchers in addition to the individual weapons. The ISTIMBEI Fort had 30 surface structures and 2,297 m of tunnels, which comprised an autonomous complex.

On April 6, 1941, at 0515 the German troops that were in Bulgaria, without keeping the usual diplomatic protocol of giving an ultimatum and a response deadline, entered the Hellenic territory. The shelling of the ISTIMBEI Fort began with artillery of various calibres, while straight trajectory weapons, placed in the perimeter of the Fort in a distance of 250 -- 600 m, fired against the pillboxes.

At 06:00, numerous vertical attack bomber squadrons began hammering the surface of the Fort destroying the sole air defense pillbox, which, by that time had shot down 4 enemy aircraft.

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Military Museum of Istimpei Fort

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The museum, after permission of the Division, may operate all through the week from 9:30 to 13:30.