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The War museum at Lahana was built in 1969 ; exhibits - tokens of the homonymous battle that took place in the II Balkan War (1913) are exhibited there. There is a monument in memoriam for those killed in action in the museum surrounding area; at both sides of the staircase leading to the museum there are busts of the heroes whereas the names of the killed are engraved on a marble plate.

One can go to the museum following the new national road that connects Thessaloniki with Serres; at the 30th km there is the junction to Lahana. The museum is 45 kms from Thessaloniki and 40 kms from Serres. Hotels can be found in the aforementioned cities, whereas food at the local taverns.


Following the Peace Treaty concluded in London on May 17, 1913 between the Balkan States and Turkey, it was time they settled up their disputes concerning the partition of land in the Balkans previously occupied by Turkey.

At that time Bulgaria aimed at expanding to the whole area of Macedonia. Serbia and Bulgaria had signed an agreement for the partition of land; Serbia, however, did not admit the agreement any long since it considered that Albania would be included in its share, gaining thus an exit to the Adriatic Sea; the establishment of the Albanian state, though, set a limit to its expansion westwards. Bulgaria, on the other hand, insisted on taking the agreed territories. Serbia recognized the rights of Greece on these territories liberated by the Hellenic Army; however,Bulgaria aimed at expelling Greece from this area in order to establish the great Bulgaria that resulted from the Peace Treaty of Aghios Stefanos signed in 1878.

On May 19, 1913 Greece and Serbia signed a defensive alliance. Bulgaria had already decided to surprisingly attack against the Hellenic and Serbian Armies.

Thus, the Bulgarians implementing their plan, started moving their troops towards Macedonia and the Serbian-Bulgarian border. By mid June the movements had been implemented. On June 16-17, 1913 the Bulgarian Army, without prior declaration of war, attacked against the Serbian and Hellenic positions and on June 17, it occupied the line from Vertiskos to Polikastro. At the same time, Bulgaria planed a general attack on June 19 to occupy Thessaloniki. The Hellenic Army, though, assaulted an attack in the morning of June 19 impeding the Bulgarian Army thus forcing it to defence.

The Hellenic forces deployed were the VI Division at LAGINA village, the I Division at PROFITIS village and the VII Division at ARETHOUSA. The Bulgarians had placed 20 battalions to defend LAHANA.

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Military Museum of Lahana

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