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The Military Museum of Sarandaporos (Hadjigogos Inn), was built in 1972 and renovated in 1980.

The museum is situated 20 km from Elassona, 60 km from Larissa, 64 km from Kozani; in order to get to the museum, one must follow the road Larissa-Elassona-Kozani.

Accommodation and food are provided at hotels and restaurants in Elassona..


Greece, Serbia and Bulgaria declared war against Turkey on October 5, 1912, following Montenegro which had done so since September 20, 1912. Thus the First Balkan War began.

The Army of Thessaly, after crossing the Hellenic-Turkish borders on October 5, initially drove back the Turkish border patrols and then, on October 6, the enemy elements located in Elassona and Deskate. Starting October 7, the Army began its advance towards the north in order to meet the main Turkish forces that consisted of more than two Divisions, located defensively in the fortified area of Sarandaporos and Lazarades - Vongopetra, under the command of General Taxin Pasha.
The Sarandaporos defensive area, which was chosen and organized by the Turkish Command, is a naturally fortified area, providing for a powerful defense and offering excellent fields of fire. The Turkish Command plan of action entailed a strong defense with almost the entirety of its forces destroyed at the naturally fortified locations of Sarandaporos and Lazarades - Vongopetra. Its mission was to block the routes towards Elassona - Servia and Deskate - Lazarades - Servia and to interdict the Hellenic Army's northbound advance.

The plan of operations of the Hellenic Army General Headquarters generally provided for a frontal attack against the defending Turkish forces in the defile of Sarandaporos, with a simultaneous outflanking move from both sides towards Servia, in order to capture the bridge on the river Haliacmon and thus cut off the enemy retreat. The entire offensive operation was to combine with a wider encircling movement from the area near the village of Krania, through the ford of Zabourda, towards Kozani.

In the morning of October 9, 1912, the Hellenic Army, with Divisions II, III, and VI in the center, Division I on the right, the Konstantinopoulos Detachment on the extreme right, Divisions IV, V, and the Cavalry Brigade on the left, and the Gennades Detachment on the extreme left, launched an attack to capture the defile of Sarandaporos and crush the Turkish Army. The Hellenic forces, throughout the day of October 9, made great efforts since they had to overcome not only a powerfully organized opponent, but also a rugged terrain and adverse weather conditions. During the night of October 9 to 10, the Turks abandoned the position and hurriedly withdrew towards Servia, for fear of being cut off by the threatening outflanking action of Division VI. The following day, October 10, the Hellenic Army Divisions proceeded to move and succeeded in capturing almost the entire Field Artillery, plenty of war material, as well as a limited number of cut-off elements and men. Division IV moved swiftly and with its Divisional Cavalry it captured intact the bridge of Haliacmon.
The swift and victorious outcome of the battle of Sarandaporos boosted the Army's moral and paved the way for the liberation of western and central Macedonia.

The casualties suffered by the Hellenic Army in the two-day battle were 182 officers and enlisted men killed and 995 wounded. The Turks also suffered heavy casualties in terms of killed, wounded and prisoners-of-war.

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Military Museum of Sarandaporos

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