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The Military War Museum 1912 - 13 is located in the building that was used as Headquarters during the operations for Epirus liberation (Emin Aga Inn) and was reconstructed in 1950.

To go to the Museum you should follow the IOANNINA - ARTA High Way and in the 25th klm there is a sign leading to it. There are hotels for overnight stay in Ioannina. You can find meal at Terovos Inn (3 km from the museum) or Ioannina.


With the beginning of the operations of the Balcan Wars on 6 October 1912, the Epirus Army passed Arachthos river and attacked the Turkish forces. The operations progressed slowly due to the mountainous terrain, the site's fortification by the Turks and the winter. Gradually the Epirus Army's support begins. So on the 17th of October the Cretans Regiment arrives at Epirus and Corpses are organized voluntarily to operate at the enemy's rear. On 17 November a Corps of Garivaldines and Red Coats arrives at Metsovo. The 2nd and 4th Divisions arrive at Epirus as well. On the 29th of November the Army makes the contact with the main defensive site at BIZANIO - IOANNINA. On 10 January 1913 Heir Constantinos, Commander-in-Chief in those days, arrives at PHILLIPIADA and assumes command of the operations. Until 19 February 1913 two main attacks occurred against the enemy site with main goal the occupation of BIZANIO fort without any result and severe casualties from both sides.

The BIZANIO - IOANNINA defensive site had been organized in a U shape, on rocky and inaccessible mounts, which surround the city of IOANNINA: KASTRITSA - SERVIANA - BIZANIO - MANOLIASSA - AG.NIKOLAOS - TSOUKA - SADO - VITSA. It also comprised permanent pillboxes and batteries made of concrete, entrenchments, etc. In addition to these, immediately after the mobilization of the Turkish Army, improvised fortifications started being constructed, mainly to the west of the site.
The Turkish forces in Epirus were the 23rd Active Army Division and the like number Reserve Officers' Division. In total the Turkish forces owned 27.500 rifles, from which 8.000 were at the BIZANIO - KASTRITSA - front. Also 83 guns, from which 16 heavy ones at BIZANI - KASTRITSA and 19 guns at DOUROUTI - SADOVITSA.
On 18 February 1913 the Hellenic Army has been allocated as follows:
a. The General Headquarters: At Emin Aga Inn.
b. Army's first group - Metsovo Joint Briagate: from Metsovo to Drisko.
c. The 6th Division - From Papastathis bridge to Aetorahi - Koutselio road.
d. The 8th Division - At Aetorahi.
e. The 2nd Division - From Avgo mount to Therakissi.
f. The Army's second group:
(1) The 1st Column In front of Manoliassa.
(2) The 2nd Column at Manoliassa narrow passage.
(3) The 3rd Column at Baoussious.

The operation for the liberation of Ioannina begins with artillery fires in the morning hours of 19 February 1913, mainly against the enemy batteries and pillboxes existing in the site, with very satisfying results, and the general attack is launched in the morning of February the 20th.
The Olytsika detachment attacks and occupies the Ag. Vlassios defile. Troops of the 1st Infantry Regiment attack and occupy at 07:00 hours the Tsabila defile and taking advantage of their success, they occupy at 09.15 hours the DOUROUTI mount. Due to the fact that they had been forwarded enough, they withdraw later at Kato Abelia and at 15.00 hours at COSMIRA, where they establish themselves. The 3rd Company/ 1st Battalion attacks and occupies TSOUKA mount at 07.30 in the morning. Troops of the 7th and 11th Infantry Regiment attack AG. NIKOLAOS mount, which, despite the enemy's strong resistance, they occupy at 10.00 hours and seize 12 guns. The commander of 3rd Column forwards to AG. SAVAS defile the reserve and the artillery, which strikes effectively the enemy concentrations at PEDINI and MANOLIASSA mount and breaches them.

The 1st Column, after the preparation of the artillery, attacks and through hard combat occupies KASTRI and PROFITIS ELIAS mounts at 11.00 hours. Through the combination of front and flank attack it occupies MEGALI RAHI mount and so it accomplishes MANOLIASSA occupation.
The advance guard of the 2nd Column (1st Evzones Regiment and 1st Company/ 17 Battalion) begins its advance at 09.30 and after breaking the enemy resistance it reaches DODONIS forest at 13.30, where it is informed that the 3rd Column has occupied AG. NIKOLAOS. It reports to the Column Commander asking instructions and continues. After arriving at AG. NIKOLAOS and by not receiving instructions from the Column Commander, it proceeds to PEDINI village. While exiting KOSMIRA village narrow passage, the advance guard is being attacked from DOUROUTI mount. The advance guard's commander covers the left flank with two (2) companies and moves to PEDINI village at 17:00. The Column Commander, estimating that his mission for this day has been accomplished, orders the advance guard to halt its advance and establish itself at PEDINI. The 1st Company/ 17th Battalion receives the order, halts its movement and establishes itself at DOUROUTI mount. The two (2) Evzones Battalions (8th and 9th) with Major Velissariou as the leader, having not received the order, continue to AG. IOANNIS mount at 18.00 hours, capture lots of prisoners (37 officers and 935 soldiers) and cut off the communication wires towards BIZANI and KASTRITSA. The rest of the Column troops moving slowly only arrive at 18.00 hours to AG. NIKOLAOS, where they establish themselves. So the Evzones Battalions remained isolated at AG. IOANNIS. This bold action by the Evzones Battalions to penetrate the interior of the enemy site, while SADOVITSA - BIZANI - KASTRITSA forts were still resisting, forced the Turk Commander-in-Chief to surrender the Turkish Army and Ioannina.
Towards the east, the 2nd, 8th and 6th Divisions and Metsovo Brigade, during the attack of the Army's 2nd Group, pinned down the enemy with fires and movements, organising a destruction combat.
At 23.00 hours a coach reaches AG. IOANNIS carrying 1st Lieutenant Reouth, 2nd Lieutenant Talaat, and the Bishop of Dodoni with a surrender request. These men were escorted by Major Velissariou to Emin Aga Inn, where they arrived at 04.30, daybreak of 21st February 1913. After a short conversation with Constantinos, an agreement of unconditional surrender of the Turkish Army was made. The agreement announced to all troops and in the morning of 21 February 1913 the surrender begins. 1,000 officers, 32,000 soldiers and 108 guns were surrendered. The formal entry of the Hellenic troops to the liberated city of Ioannina took place at 10.00 hours of 22 February 1913, and the people welcomed them with a delirium of enthusiasm.


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