Tanks Museum

General Information

The Tanks Museum is located at "Maj. Georgios Mellidis" camp, the seat of the Armored Training Center, at AVLON, near Athens, at a distance of approximately 55 Km from Athens, 30 km from Halkis, and 6 km from Avlon. Transfer from Athens is accomplished through the national highway Athens to lamia, at the 50 km; also by train, from Athens railway station to St. Thomas railway station, reaching the entrance of the camp. Accommodation for the visitors can be furnished in Athens, as well as at Halkis, Halkoutsi, and Oropos.


In 1 April 1822 the first Cavalry Training Center was organized in the area, under the name Hippodrome for the Guards of the City of Athens, and in 1922 it was renamed to Cavalry Applications School. In 1935, the Reserve Officers Cadet School was established here, and in 1940 the first Armored Tank School. As an Armored Tank Training School, it started its operation after the end of II World War, in February 1945, based first in Athens, then at Goudi, under the name Armored School, and after that at Aharnes in November 1945, under the name Armored Training Center. In September 1954 the Center has again been moved at Goudi, and, finally, in July 1975 at its present position at AVLON.

Geographical Position


 Στρατιωτικό Μουσείο Κέντρου Εκπαιδεύσεως Τεθωρακισμένων

Contact Information

Visitors could visit the museum (upon request at telephone number (+) 1.8832188, daily from 09:00 to 13:30h, including the weekends and holidays, from 10:00 to 13:00h.