From Monday, 9 September, to Wednesday, 11 September 2019, the Chief HAGS, Lieutenant General Georgios Kambas, attended the Sixth Forum of the Commanders of European Land Forces, which took place in Prague, Czech Republic, and was attended by 31 Chiefs from European countries and the US.
The topic of the forum was "Rearmament, Modernization, Robotics & Artificial Intelligence and Future Challenges of the European Land Forces".

The Commander of the 1st ARMY/EU-OHQ, Lieutenant General Konstantinos Floros attended the handover ceremony at EUROCORPS Headquarters, which took place in Strasbourg, France, representing the Chief of the Hellenic National Defence General Staff, on Thursday 5 September 2019.

France, Germany, Spain, Belgium and Luxemburg participate as full members in the EUROCORPS multinational Headquarters, while Greece, Italy, Poland, Turkey and Romania participate as associated members.

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05/09/2019 12:29

On Thursday, August 29th 2019, a Memorandum of Cooperation was concluded between the Engineers Directorate of the Hellenic Army General Staff (HAGS/ENG DTE) and the company under the name MOTOR OIL. The Memorandum was signed by the Director of the Engineers Directorate of the Hellenic Army General Staff, Major General Georgios Kellis and the General Director of the Refinery, Mr. Michail Steiakakis.

05/09/2019 12:27

On Sunday, September 1st 2019, the commencement of the winter training cycle was initiated by National Guard Units, as part of moves to upgrade the institution of national guard.
The commencement included a holy water ceremony, an address by the Units’ Commanders and the military chain of command, a briefing on the mission, the actions for upgrading the national guard, as well as an analysis of the main training activities.
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05/09/2019 12:25

On Thursday, August 29th 2019, the Chief HAGS Georgios Kampas, visited the Special Forces Training Centre (KEED), accompanied by the Commander of the Higher Military Command of Interior and Islands “AΙGEAS”), Lieutenant General Georgios Dimitropoulos and the Director of the Special Forces Directorate, Major General Evangelos Papadopoulos.
During his visit, the Chief was briefed on the KEED’s current activities and attended the training for speedboat operators.