24/10/2022 17:17

From 18 to 20 October 2022, artillery fire training for the second half of 2022 was conducted at the Petrota Range in Xanthi with personnel, weapon systems, and assets of D Army Corps “THRAKI” Artillery Units.

The fires were conducted using all prescribed fire support request, coordination, and execution procedures in order to achieve the maximum possible synergy of all those involved in the operations, thus materialising the “train as you fight” principle.

Specifically, fires were conducted by self-propelled M109 and PzH 2000GR guns and RM-70 multiple rocket launchers, with target reconnaissance and designation provided by ΟΗ – 58D KIOWA reconnaissance helicopters.

23/10/2022 12:19

The week from 17 to 21 October 2022 included thematic events dedicated to the Cavalry – Armour Arm, whose purpose was to highlight the history and contribution of the Arm to the Nation’s struggles, as well as the key role of tanks in dealing with current and future challenges.

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On Friday, 21 October 2022, the oath-taking ceremony of first year students, Class of 2025 “Colonel (Inf) Konstantinos Kokkas”, was held in the Career NCO School in Trikala.

The ceremony was attended by the Army Inspector General – Commander of the Doctrine and Training Command, Lieutenant General Nikolaos Flaris, as representative of the Chief of Hellenic National Defence General Staff and the Chief of Hellenic Army General Staff, representatives of the local government and the church, the family of the Hero of the Class of 2025, as well as family members of the new first year students.

A total of 267 first year students took the oath, of which 229 from Greece and 38 from Cyprus.

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22/10/2022 10:25

Friday, 21 October 2022, was Distinguished Visitors Day (DV DAY) at the Petrohori Range – Proving Ground in Xanthi, within the framework of the international cooperation schemes with friendly and allied countries planned by the Hellenic National Defence General Staff, for the Medium Tank Battalion Task Force-level Field Exercise "OLYMPIC COOPERATION-22", which involved troops of the XXV Armoured Brigade "2o SYNTAGMA IPPIKOU – EPHESOS", the 71st Airmobile Brigade “PONTOS”, the 1st Army Aviation Brigade “KILKIS – LAHANA”, the XXI Armoured Brigade “PINDOS”, the 29th Motorised Brigade "POGRADETS", and the 7

From 2 to 6 October 2022, Higher Military Command of Interior and Islands “AEGEAS” Formations and Units conducted operational training in their Area of Responsibility.


The training tested many operational tasks and included fires using all of the Formations’ weapon systems.


#ΕλληνικόςΣτρατός, #HellenicArmy