12/10/2022 14:31

On 28 and 29 September 2022, the Army Engineering University of China organised the web event “9th International Army Cadets Week”. The Hellenic Military Academy (Evelpidon) participated with 1 team of 2 cadets in the aforementioned event, which included 32 teams, 10 from China and 22 from other countries [Egypt, Argentina, Vietnam, Brazil, France, Germany (with 2 teams), Italy, Cambodia, Laos, Malaysia, Mexico, Bangladesh, Brunei, Nepal, South Korea, Pakistan, Romania, Singapore, Thailand, Philippines].


The Hellenic Military Academy (Evelpidon) was called to present:

12/10/2022 12:43

On Monday, 10 October 2022, a ceremony was held for the opening of a branch of the Special Army Unit Supply Centre Branch (commissary) in Thessaloniki, in the presence of the Special Secretary of the Ministry of National Defence, Mr. Antonios Ikonomou.


The ceremony was attended by the Commanding General of the Higher Army Support Military Command “THISEAS”, Lieutenant General Georgios Kostidis, as representative of the Chief of Hellenic Army General Staff, the Commanding General of C Army Corps/NRDC-GR "MEGAS ALEXANDROS", Lieutenant General Sotirios Kostakoglou, as well as representatives of the local government and the church.

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12/10/2022 11:57

The Hellenic Army General Staff, within the framework of the Army’s constant interest in the personnel’s physical and mental health, proceeded to the pilot implementation for a period of 2 months of the Holistic Health and Fitness Programme already implemented by the US Army on a representative number of Hellenic Military Academy (Evelpidon) cadets and Career NCO School students.


The Holistic Health and Fitness Management Programme includes the following stages:


- Formation of a committee consisting of PE Teachers, Doctors, Psychologists, and Nutritionists.

11/10/2022 11:43

Field Exercise “ANIKITOS 22” was conducted from 2 to 6 October 2022 at the Askos-Profitis Proving Ground of C Army Corps/NRDC-GR “MEGAS ALEXANDROS”, involving troops from the II Mechanised Infantry Division “ELASSON”, the 34th Mechanised Brigade "APOSPASMA SCHOU DIALETI", as well as 1033 reservists who enlisted for the exercise.

Field Exercise “ANIKITOS 22” tested many operational tasks and included fires using all of the Brigade’s weapon systems.

The exercise was attended by the Commanding General of C Army Corps/NRDC-GR "MEGAS ALEXANDROS", Lieutenant General Sotirios Kostakoglou.

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10/10/2022 18:20

On Saturday, 8 October 2022, the opening ceremony of Field Exercise “OLYMPIC COOPERATION – 22” took place in Petrohori, Xanthi, involving troops of the 71st Airmobile Brigade “PONTOS”, the XXV Armoured Brigade "2o SYNTAGMA IPPIKOU – EPHESOS", the 1st Army Aviation Brigade “KILKIS – LAHANA”, and the US 101st Airborne Division. Cyprus and Egypt will also participate in the exercise as observers.

“OLYMPIC COOPERATION – 22”, which will be completed on 22 October, is a Medium Tank Battalion Task Force-level double action Field Exercise. The exercise, which will be conducted using live fire and tactical engagement simulation systems, will test offensive and defensive operations tasks.

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