The Probabilities - Perspectives of NATO DF

a. Talking about Basic Planning Factors.

(1) The deployment of DF follows political and diplomatic counseling for crisis management, including peacekeeping measures. For this reason, the initial planning should start in time, if possible, with the gathering of the first indications for a probable crisis. It should rapidly develop, depending on the political and diplomatic discussions.

(2) Prior to deployment of the DF, the legal framework as well as the intended final objective of the particular operation should be defined, in compliance with the International Laws and the respective decisions of the United Nations Security Council.

(3) The deployment of the DF must always take place with the strict respect of the borders, in compliance with the HELSINKI Final Act, keeping and defending the international peace, order and law.

(4) The DF are neither capable to assume police duties nor riot control. Special units, such as MULTINATIONAL SPECIALIZED UNITS (MSUs) and INTERNATIONAL POLICE TASK FORCES (IPTFs) are organized for handling such cases.

b. Based on the above, it is estimated that NATO DEPLOYABLE FORCES have the special characteristics and capabilities, which make them ideal for participation in Peacekeeping Operations in the wider area of the Balkans.