Military Museum of Nemphea Fort

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The military museum of Nemphea Fort is located 17 klm from Komotini (Thrace) and operates, since 2000, inside the tunnel of the fort itself. Since it is located in a military area, visits to the museum should first be approved by the 29th Infantry Regiment.

Access to the museum is via the Komotini-Nemphea road. During winter, parts of the above-mentioned road may be covered by ice, which makes the travel dangerous. Hotels and restaurants are available in Komotini and the surrounding villages (Pandrossos, Karidia, Fanari, Porto Lagos) for accommodation and food.

The museum provides for parking place (buses and cars). The military outpost provides for a WC. Access facilities for people with special needs are not provided.


Since October 28, 1940 Greece was engaged in an uneven but victorious war against Italy, on the snowing north Epirus mountains. Hitler, since the beginning of the war, had realised that Mussolini, his ally, could not succeed in defeating the Hellenic resistance.

On March 1, 1941 Bulgaria entered the war on the side of the Axis. On March 2, German forces crossed Bulgaria and by the end of March they were in a position to attack against Greece.

For the occupation of the Hellenic Thrace, the Germans had assigned the XXX Corps; especially against Nemphea and Komotini it was the 50th Division. The German forces were fully armed with the then most modern weapons. The German forces were also supported by 1,000 aircraft. Only two (2) companies and the fort guard, i.e.14 officers and 364 soldiers were at Nemphea against the 50th German Division and the Bulgarian Army.

On the eve of April 6, 1941 the German Division was ready to march in the Komotini valley and destroy any military forces that might resist. Machine guns, mortars and howitzers were ready to fire at the Hellenic troops on the Dragati - Frouros Heights, and inside the fort. The Bulgarian Army was also ready to follow its ally.

At 05:00 of April 6, 1941, the Germans attacked the Dragati - Frouros heights. From 07:00, the location was hammered out by the German artillery and mortars. At 08:50 the German succeeded in occupying the Dragati-Frouros heights, while at the same time German mechanised infantry located some 1,500 m away from the fort began the attack. At 11:00 the Hellenic forces of the Dragati-Frouros heights entered the fort. The German forces attacked against the fort viciously but they were repelled. The fort was resisting. Meanwhile, German infantry forces crossed the Papikio and Mitika mountains and entered Komotini in the night of April 6-7.

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Military Museum of Nemphea Fort

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Assign an escort for a tour in the museum and the fort areas any day from 09:30 to 14:30. Every Sunday from 09:00-13:30, admission in the museum would be permission free.

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