Military Museum of Lisse Fort

General Information

The Military Museum of LISSE is open since 1981. Αs it is situated in a defensive location, the visit to the museum is allowed after the approval by the XI Infantry Division/7th S.O. (Kavala tel. 051 243176), which appoints the appropriate escort for the briefing of the visitors.

The museum is situated 40 km from Drama. In order to get to the museum, the visitors must follow the road from Drama to Kato Nevrokopi, and, before entering Kato Nevrokopi, there is a junction that leads to the fort. The road in the winter period needs attention due to ice on the surface.


On March 1, 1941, Bulgaria joined the German-Italian Axis and allowed the Germans to enter its territory. Greece, despite fighting against the Italians at the Front of North Epirus, decided to defend against the Germans, too.

The area was defended by the 26th Infantry Regiment of the 7th Division, which was also defending the forts of DASAVLI, LISSE, PYRAMIDOIDES, OUSOYIA, CASTILLO, AGIOS NIKOLAOS, BARDISEVA.

The Hellenic forces did not have full organization and did not possess the armament, materials and means required to confront an enemy with contemporary equipment.

In the morning of April 6, 1941, the German offensive began by Units of the 72nd Division with artillery and air support by attacking the Hellenic screening battalions. At 11.00 the Germans arrived in front of the LISSE and PYRAMIDOIDES forts in order to seize the Granitos defile, however they were engaged in battle effectively and contained with serious casualties.

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Contact Information

The museum is open daily from 10.00 to 14.00.

Tel. : 25230 22224