Commanding General, C Army Corps / NRDC - GR



Paris Kapravelos

Lieutenant General

Lieutenant General Paris Kapravelos was born in Athens on the 3rd of September 1966. He joined the Hellenic Military Academy in 1984 and graduated in 1988 as an Infantry Officer.

As a Junior Officer, after the selection for Special Forces (SF), he served as a Platoon Leader up to Company Commander in Airborne, Ranger and Marine units.

He has attended and graduated from all mandatory Infantry and Special Forces courses. He has additional attended in Germany and the U.S Special Forces courses. He was posted in ILPPRS in Germany as an instructor.

In 2003 he graduated from the Hellenic Staff and Command College and in 2014 from the Hellenic National Defense College.

During his career he served in Special Forces units and formations, in Mechanized Infantry formations and in the Hellenic First Army (HFA). In 2006 he was appointed as Commander of the 521 Marines Battalion.

He has served in NATO HQ in Brussels, as a staff officer in the Allied Command Transformation (ACT) in the area of Defense Planning.

In 2017 he was promoted to Brigadier General and was assigned as Commander of the 71st Air Mobile Brigade.

In 2020, after his promotion to Major General, he was appointed to the Hellenic 1st Army/EU-OHQ as Chief of Staff (COS), while in 2021 he was posted as Director of the Special Forces Directorate/Hellenic Army General Staff.

In 2022 he was assigned as Commander of the 1st Infantry Division.

As decided by the Governmental National Security Council assembled on 17 January 2023 he was promoted to Lieutenant General and assumed his duties as Commander of C’ Army Corps/NRDC-GR.

Lieutenant General Paris Kapravelos has been awarded all decorations, commendations, and medals provided for his rank.

He is an active paratrooper.

He speaks English and German.

Lieutenant General Kapravelos is married and he has one son.