Lieutenant General Angelos Choudeloudis

Lieutenant General Angelos Choudeloudis was born in 1964 in Kyani, Evros. He was admitted to the Hellenic Military Academy (Evelpidon) in 1982 and graduated in 1986 as Infantry Second Lieutenant.

As a junior Officer, he served in Army Units as Platoon Leader and Company Commander.

He has attended all required Infantry Schools and several NATO courses in Germany and Italy. Also, he has participated in Norwegian and German Army military training activities and has participated in many UN and NATO missions in North Iraq, Baghdad, Kuwait, and Afghanistan.

In 2006, he attended the Hellenic Supreme Joint War College and in 2012 the Hellenic National Defense College in Greece.

As a senior Officer, he served in the B Army Corps and in the 71st Airborne Brigade "PONTOS".

In 2008, he was assigned as Commander of the 516th Mechanised Infantry Battalion, while in 2010 he served as Executive Officer of Hellenic First Army Commander’ s Office.

Upon being promoted to Colonel in 2011, he served as Defence Attaché to the Hellenic Embassy in Beijing, Seoul, and Tokyo, while in 2012 he attended the National Defense College.

In 2014, he was assigned as Staff Officer in the Hellenic National Defence General Staff (HNDGS).

In 2015, he was promoted to Brigadier General and assigned to the HNDGS as Director of Public Relations.

In 2019, having promoted to Major General, he was assigned as Commanding General of the XII Mechanised Infantry Division “EVROS”.

In 2020, he assumed his duties as Director, Intelligence and Security Staff Directorate, HNDGS.

On March 2021, he was promoted to Lieutenant General and was assigned as Commanding General of D Army Corps "THRAKI".

On March 2022, he was assigned as Commander of the Hellenic 1st Army/EU-OHQ.

On 16 January 2023, upon decision of the Governmental Council on Foreign Policy and National Defence, he assumed his duties as Chief of Hellenic Army General Staff.

Lieutenant General Angelos Choudeloudis has been awarded all decorations, commendations, and medals provided for his rank.

He holds a Masters Degree from the Department of Business Administration of the University of Macedonia in Thessaloniki.

Foreign languages: English.

He is married with three children.