Supply and Transport Corps Training Schools
 In-country Military Schools

The Supply and Transport Training Centre in Sparta and various military units in the cities of Athens and Larissa offer basic and advanced military training courses for all officers and NCOs of the Supply and Transport Corps.
The Parachutists School offers training courses for officers and NCOs of the Supply and Transport Corps, in order to enable them fill positions in the Army Special Forces.
The Command and Staff College, the War College in Thessalonica and the National Defence College in Athens, are also open to officers of the Supply and Transport Corps, through entry examinations or upon selection.

Military Schools Abroad

Through examinations in foreign languages or upon selection, a number of officers of the Corps is allowed to attend military schools abroad in order to obtain specific knowledge in fields concerning supply, transport, air resupply and parachute assembly and packing.

Institutions of Higher Education In-country and Abroad

Upon approval of the service, the officers of the Corps can seat the entry examinations in the following institutions of higher education:
National Technical University of Athens (NTUA):
Chemical Engineering Faculty.
Mechanical Engineering Faculty.
University of Piraeus: Business Administration Faculty
Agricultural University of Athens: Food Research and Technology Faculty.
Post - graduate studies (MSc) in Food Chemistry at Domestic Institutions of Higher Education.
Post - graduate studies (MSc) in Food Chemical Analysis at Foreign (USA - ENGLAND) institutions of Higher Education.