Infantry Directorate




GLORY is achieved through self-sacrifice and dare. It is won with the rifle and the sword, by those men who possess moral powers and the required knowledge, as a result of arduous study and training. It is consolidated with the blood of thousands of dead the Infantry has suffered and it is symbolized with the red background of the emblem.
VIRTUE is the ornament of the brave. It is expressed through morality, justice, honesty, kindness and respect of the enemies. It is completed with implementing the symbolization of the lantern, i.e. is faith to God as well as honour to the deads.


Red Colour: It symbolizes the blood of the Infantry men killed in action in the sacred struggles of the Nation.
Rifle-Sword: The basic arms of the Infantry ordered by a Royal Decree on March 2, 1833.
Lantern: It symbolizes worship to God and honour to the deads.