Training(Training Departments)

Training of Army Aviation Training Center

Army Aviation Training Center can conduct training for the following courses. The training for the flight courses can be conducted in English.

a.Tactical Wing - . General Military and Technical Education:

   (1) Basic Officers School (Captains)
   (2) School of Deputy Governor Units (Lieutenants)
   (3) CW Army Aviation Training School.

b. Flight Wing Training

   Initial Training Departments
   (1) Flight Training Fixed Wing Aircraft
   (2) Flight Training Rotary wing (42 weeks)
   (3) Training Program For Night Vision Goggle

  Pilot further Training Department

  (1) Instructor Pilot course (10 weeks)
  (2) Fixed Wing Aircraft Operators
  (3) Department Helicopter pilots in each type helicopter (AH-64, CH-47D, etc.) under the supervision of the AATS (Army Aviation Training School).