Army Aviation Training Center History

The first officer of the Army, Lt Col Dimoulitsas Andreas was trained as a pilot in England in the year 1949. Until mid-year 1952 the training of the Army Officers as a pilots was undertaken by the Air Force.

The « Pilot School of Aerial Observation» was established in July 1952 in Megara under the command of Arillery Directorate/ HAGS. The school served from 1954 until 1960 as «Aerial Observation Wing» under the Artillery School. Until 1959 only Officers of the Artillery were trained as pilots and since 1960 Officers of all Army branches were trained as pilots as well.

In the year 1961, the «Aerial Observation Wing» was renamed to the «Army Aviation Training Center» and came under HAGS/G3. In November 1967, the Army Aviation Directorate was established.

In April 1973, the Center from Megara was temporarily relocation to Agrinio Airforce Base and by October 1974 moved to the Air Base of Stefanovikeiou.