Emblem of the Army Aviation Training Center

a. The Emblem of the Army Aviation Training Center presents the mythological immortal horse “PEGASUS” that sprang up along with Chrysaor from the body of Medusa, when Perseus cut off her head and has the inscription «ΤΟΙΣ ΤΟΛΜΩΣΙΝ Η ΤΥΧΗ» which comes from the words of Thucydides «       ΤΟΙΣ ΤΟΛΜΩΣΙΝ Η ΤΥΧΗ ΑΕΙ ΞΥΜΦΟΡΟΣ ΕΣΤΙΝ» and means « those who dare, luck is always favorable ».

b. The emblem of the Army Aviation School and by extension of the Army Aviation is not consists a simple symbolism, but is directly related with the work and mission of each member of the Army Aviation, who is taught that, BOLDNESS is common advanage of all the great men, and obtained by study and continuous practice and with the LUCK which always follows the bold, leads to success and victory.