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Feature on the 50th Mechanised Brigade "APSOS"

The 50th Mechanised Brigade resulted from the reorganisation of the 50th Infantry Regiment, which was established in Andrianoupoli in 1919. In 1940, it took part in the operations in Western Macedonia and Northern Epirus. From 1945 to 1988 it was headquartered in Eleftheroupoli, Kavala, and was moved at times to Feres, Pythio, and Koufovouno in the Prefecture of Evros. In October 1988 it was finally headquartered in Soufli as 50th Infantry Brigade.

On 15 September 2000, upon orders by HAGS, the Brigade was renamed to 50th Infantry Brigade "APSOS" after Apsos river in Southern Albania, where on 25 January 1941, following fierce fighting, the 50th Infantry Regiment captured Mali Spandarit and Kala Hills, which dominate the valley of Apsos river. The Brigade's dead and wounded during the Greco-Italian War and the subsequent period were hundreds of Officers and Soldiers.

The Brigade's emblem is the Sphinx, the mythical creature of Viotia, which was usually described to have the body of a lion, the face of a woman, wings, and the tail of a snake. She was the daughter of Typhon and Ehidna and in ancient times she used to flank the entrances of temples and palaces, symbolising the struggle between and the victory of light over darkness.

Its shield bears the maxim «ΑΡΧΗ ΤΟΥ ΝΙΚΑΝ ΤΟ ΘΑΡΡΕΙΝ» ("The foundation of victory is courage") by the poet Pindarus, who lauded the victory of the Athenian against the Persian fleet in Artemisio in 480 BC, where a few determined and daring men beat a far superior enemy.

Below is a short video with footage from the Brigade's training activities.

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