DV-Day of the “THRACIAN COOPERATION - 23” Exercise

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DV-Day of the “THRACIAN COOPERATION - 23” Exercise

On Friday 24 February 2023, in the context of the network of international cooperations with friendly and allied countries planned by HNDGS, the Distinguished Visitors Day – DV DAY of the Field Training Exercise “THRACIAN COOPERATION - 23” was conducted in Petrochori-Xanthi at the local Exercise Field, at the level of Brigade, with the participation of detachments from the XXV Armour Brigade “2nd Cavalry Regiment - Efesos”, the XXI Armour Brigade “Cavalry Brigade - Pindos”, the 7th Mechanised Brigade “Sarantaporos”, the 31st Mechanised Brigade “Kamia”, the 50th Mechanised Brigade “Apsos”, the 71st Airmobile Brigade “Pontos”, the 1st Army Aviation Brigade “Kilkis-Lachana”, detachments of the 2nd Brigade Combat Team of the 101st US Airborne Division, as well as a detachment of the Israeli Army.

THRACIAN COOPERATION - 23 was conducted with live fire and included double action exercises of offensive and defensive operations, with the use of Tactical Engagement Simulation Systems.

The final stage of the exercise was observed by the Commander of D Army Corps “Thrace” Lieutenant General Dimokritos Konstantakos and the Commander of C Army Corps NRDC-GR “Megas Alexandros” Lieutenant General Paris Kapravelos. US side attendants were the Commander of the 101st Airborne Division MG Joseph P. McGee, as representative of the Commander of the US Army Europe and Africa (USAREUR-AF), the US Army Military Attaché COL Nathan Mann and the representative of ODC-GR Hays Faulkner.

During the exercise, it was concluded that the organisation as well as the training and operational readiness of the engaged detachments and the high level of cooperation, along with the strengthening of the bonds between the participating countries were exquisite.

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