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Registry and Linguistics Directorate

The Director and the Personnel of the Registry and Linguistics Directorate (REG & LING DTE) of HAGS extend a most cordial welcome to the visitors of this page.
1. Our Directorate is a staff agency responsible for the direction of the Army Registrars Corps and the administrative support to HAGS in the fields of mail handling and linguistic services.
2. Army Registrars Corps was established in 1954 and is a twin organisation, including:

Officers and Career and Volunteer NCOs responsible for handling incoming and outgoing correspondence of Army Staffs and Formation HQs (insignia: two cross pens)
 Interpreters, Officers manning the Armed Forces and Army Linguistic Services and ensuring translation of documents and interpretation between Hellenic and foreign military authorities (insignia: one blue and one red circle)
3. The Directorate is manned by career Officers, career and volunteer NCOs, and Civil Servants of various specialties, and is composed of the following sections:
1st Section (Administration)
Management of the personnel of the Registrars Corps and those working in the Directorate
Archiving of records of retired career Officers for a period after their retirement
2nd Section (Service Correspondence)
Forwarding of incoming and outgoing mail of the Hellenic Army General Staff
3rd Section (Linguistic Services)
Translations and interpretation – actually from / to English, French, German, Italian, Russian and Turkish (More)
Participation in international fora
4th Section (Budget and Finance – Photocopies)
Management of resources and means, made available to the Directorate
Operation of the photocopiers in support of HAGS