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1st Army Aviation Brigate Unit

TAXAS Units' main mission is to provide combat support to the 2nd Army Corps, to which they are subordinated, or to other formations, if delegated to them by order of the Hellenic Army General Staff, such as air transportation of troops, materials, and supplies, medical evacuations, and air reconnaissance.
During peacetime, the main goal of the Units is to conduct realistic training, in fields such as:
Flights over the entire Hellenic territory, especially the Aegean Sea islands, day and night.
Flight with various on-and-outboard loads.
Cooperation with Special Forces or other commands forces during major exercises (national or allied)
1stArmy Aviation Battalion (1st TEAS)


A griffin carring a sword, with a white cross in the background. Griffin is a fictitious animal with head and wings of an eagle and the body of a lion. It first appeared in monuments in Crete during the middle Minoan era, then in Mycenae, and later in the Byzantine Art. In Greece, it was considered as the secret animal of Apollo, god of the Sun, and is also depicted on the helmet of Athena. It was considered a terrible dangerous beast, serving as guard of gods, lands, and fortunes. It symbolised the bravery and force on earth (lion), the superiority in the air (eagle), while the sword shows the determination of the Unit to accomplish its mission. The background consists of the national colours of Greece and the symbol of our religion, the Cross, for which the Greeks have magnanimously fought, when needed, and knew victories and glory.