In addition to the university education received at the Aristotle University of Thessalonica and the military training received at the Corps Officers Military School, the Officers of the Finance Corps are educated in schools abroad with the responsibility of the HAGS Finance Division. For this reason the Finance School has been established . (Guide for Finance School).

At the same time, Officers have the possibility of attending higher and superior Army Colleges (Computer Programmer College, Command and General Staff College, Supreme Joint War College, National Defence College), short-term seminars and training and participating in Postgraduate Courses, inland and abroad.

Special military courses are organised in the Finance School for Non Commissioned Officers serving in the Finance Corps.

Finance School

The Finance School was established in 2000 and in its early days it operated in the facilities of the E Expenditures Audit Office, staffed by the personnel from the aforementioned Unit.

Since the 2007, the Finance School, has been operating in its own premises with the personnel assigned to it.

The mission of the School is:

a. The professional education of career Officers of the Finance Corps, by providing general training and broader financial knowledge.

b. The special training of the graduates of the Corps Officers Military School, who are Finance Corps 2nd Lieutenants, by providing special training on issues of financial nature, in order to render them capable to fulfill the obligations and to execute the duties of the Finance Officer, as are determined by the current laws and regulations.

c. The provision of basic training to Potential Reserve Officers selected by the Finance Corps.

d. The provision of basic training on issues concerning the organisation and the operation of the system of financial welfare and accounting of the Armed Forces to Career NCOs, Extended Service Volunteers and Professional Soldiers who belong, are appointed to and serve in the Corps.

The following departments exist in the context of the operation of the Finance School:

a. Department of Forward Officer Training

b. Department of Basic Officer Training

c. Department of Basic Potential Reserve Officer Training

d. Department of NCO Training