The Financial Corps provides its services to the Army through:

a. The HAGS Finance Division

The HAGS Finance Division is competent for the planning, drafting and monitoring of the consumption of the Credits of HAGS Budget. It supervises the clearance of expenditure and all types of Army accounts. It manages mostly retirement and payment issues. It provides pronouncements on supply actions and predicates on invitations to tender actions. It effects the pricing of the Authorities of the Army and monitors the developmental budget (EMPAE), the Public Investment Programme, theEU programmes (e.g. ESPA) and the Public-Private Sector Association.

b. The Directorates of the Finance Corps Formations

The directors of the Finance Corps of Formations act as Financial Advisors, they perform financial inspections and they monitor the provisions and the consumption of credits within Units.

c. The Army Financial and Accounting Centre

The responsibility of the Army Financial and Accounting Centre is the computerised issuing of the Payroll of Military and Civilian personnel, its payment to the beneficiaries and the rendering of relative deductions to third parties .

d. Expenditure Auditing Posts

They deal with the checking, the clearance, the order issuing and the payment of all kinds of expenditure and accounts of the Army.

e. Central Army Funds

They cater for the money servicing of Units and competent personnel, the repurchase of expenditure and they deal with payment alterations of personnel payrolls.

f. Army Material Auditing Posts

They deal with the checking of all kinds of material accounts.

g. Finance School

The mission of the Finance School is to provide specialised professional training of the cadres of the Finance Corps or cadres assigned and serving in its Units.