Finance Corps two-day Conference

On the 20th and 21st June 2008, the first two-day Conference took place in the War Museum , since the establishment of the Finance Corps.

The aim of the two –day Conference was to record-resolve problems, to inform and provide guidance by the Director of HAGS/Finance Division Major General Michael Sidiropoulos.

The sessions of the two-day conference, which was absolutely successful, were attended by all Directors of the Units and Services of the Finance Corps as well as by wider delegation of Officers of the Finance Corps from Units and Services from the broader area of Attica.

The B’ Deputy Chief of HASG addressed a welcome message, while the floor was also given to the Financial Director of the National Defence Fund and the Director of Financial Services of the Army Share Fund  who were invited to the conference.

An official dinner was held in honour of all the cadres who participated in the two-day Conference at the Armed Forces Officers Club.