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2nd Army Aviation Group (video)

Aviation in the Hellenic Armed Forces dates back to 1911 and the decision for the foundation of an Air Service, based on which Army pilots formed the Military Aviation.
The Army Aviation Arm and its 1st Army Aviation Brigade were established in 1998, while the 2nd Army Aviation Group was founded on 22 August 2005 as an organic part of the 1st Army Aviation Brigade, headquartered in the Megara airfield.
The 2nd Army Aviation Group's helicopter crews train every day, day and night, as they will be called to fight, participating in multiple joint and international exercises, projecting the Army Aviation's capabilities, and contributing to the increase of the Army's deterrence capability.
Within the framework of its operational obligations, the 2nd Army Aviation Group has 8 helicopters and 1 aircraft and their respective crews at 60 minute to 4 hour readiness. In addition to its operational work, the 2nd Group also supports the border areas, conducting military and other movements – transportations, as well as a large part of the National Emergency Aid Centre's aeromedical evacuations, contributing to the enhancement of the feeling of security of border island residents. Furthermore, the helicopter crews also contribute to society with forest firefighting missions during the summer season.
Below is a short video featuring the 2nd Army Aviation Group's work, infrastructure, and activities.
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